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New art!

Hey guys, here are some things I’ve been working on. They’re all Greek inspired. I have more art posted on my DA page here. Comments are welcome.


Gorgon's eyeSirens feast centaur's strengththe minotaurs hourglass


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White Falcon

Today I wanted to show you a new painting. The White falcon leads the way into a bloody battle with her trusty steed; lets name him, angry white horse.  I  went into this one with the intention of painting  something with a lighter value and with white as the dominant color. I really enjoyed painting this and I hope you enjoy it too.

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while I was fighting off some goblins and orcs in the forest of Lost my mind, I was thinking about what my next painting would look like and I decided to go with something with brighter values and colors and the idea of an angel came to my head. I wanted him to represent justice and peace and the idea of an archangel seemed like the right direction. He needed to look strong, righteous and peaceful but not a sissy. My first attempt ended up looking like Thor and I scrapped that one. Then I started scribbling and the image of Fabio wielding his man boobs in the name of justice popped into my head . It seemed like a golden idea at first but after staring at it for a few hours I decided that maybe people aren’t ready for this kind of justice just yet. I covered his manliness and gave him armor but I kept his flowing locks. maybe when the world is ready, I will show that version. meanwhile, enjoy this non man boobs version.


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Lich King


The Lich king has it good; how I would love to sit on my icy throne and command the undead and a bad-ass dragon to do my bidding. His life is set! No need to eat and he has an abundance of ice to keep his drinks cold. Niiiiice! 

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