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How to learn about color the easy way!

There are a ton of artists out there who are overwhelmed when they try to learn about color. What does Analogous, complimentary, Triad, Monochromatic, Compound color scheme mean? When do I use pure white? Why am I not supposed to use pure black? Questions, questions, questions and too many answers depending on who you ask. So what’s right and what’s wrong?

You can take your time to learn color the proper way from some of these masters:

James Gurney– Master traditional painter. You can buy his award-winning and bestselling book too.

Nathan Fowkes– Color master from Dreamworks and Disney.

Or you could do it the easy way:

If you’re a busy person and you don’t have time to read books or go through tons of blogs and watch video tutorials; This is what I suggest:

Search Google for a AAA movie. Find an image that has the colors you think would match your taste. For example; you could search Terminator 2, Aliens, or Lord of the rings. These movies have multiple professionals working on them. Think about that for a moment. From Concept artist to cinematographer to Director and other people in between. Let them do the work for you.

Now save that image and drag it into Photoshop. From here use the eyedrop tool to color-pick. Over time by using this technique, you will learn about color, even if you don’t know what cadmium yellow looks like.

Photoshop also has a cool feature that lets you embed Kuler so you can use preset color schemes.

That’s it! No go learn!


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New art 9-4-14!

I’ve been away too long from my blog. Here’s some new art!

Prints are available for purchase here: store

You can see more art here: Deviantart



ghost-in-the-shell Akira Batman Colosseum warrior Forest Spirit Last stand soul reapers Three-shot-Archer Red apple-Snow white. Serenity buffy star-wars Elisa Maza 2014 Lines-artgerm_color-Immarart Earth girl saving summer the liberation of melody colors Witch-craft-works-kagari Godzilla batgirl tj combo redesign



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