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New art 9-4-14!

I’ve been away too long from my blog. Here’s some new art!

Prints are available for purchase here: store

You can see more art here: Deviantart



ghost-in-the-shell Akira Batman Colosseum warrior Forest Spirit Last stand soul reapers Three-shot-Archer Red apple-Snow white. Serenity buffy star-wars Elisa Maza 2014 Lines-artgerm_color-Immarart Earth girl saving summer the liberation of melody colors Witch-craft-works-kagari Godzilla batgirl tj combo redesign




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New art!

Hey guys, here are some things I’ve been working on. They’re all Greek inspired. I have more art posted on my DA page here. Comments are welcome.


Gorgon's eyeSirens feast centaur's strengththe minotaurs hourglass

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The Hobbit design contest


Hi everybody, I entered my art in a competition to re-imagine the world of the Hobbit. Please take some time to enter a vote for me or any other artists you like. The challenge was to recreate characters that are well known to the public and that is tough to do. I was up for the challenge and this was the result.

The first one I painted was the goblin king. You can place your vote here.

The Next one is everyone’s favorite wizard, Gandalf. You can place your vote here.

and yes, that is John Howe.


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Drizzt Do’urden

Hello world, this is my interpretation of Todd Lockwood’s cover for R.A Salvatore’s  The Legacy. I think the original is great but I wanted to challenge myself and  put my own artistic vision to it. I used a different approach to paint this one; I wanted a more painterly quality to it so I limited my brushes and I didn’t refine it as much as my other paintings. I did achieve the look I wanted and for some odd reason, it was  my largest PSD file ever; a bit shy of 1 gig! My laptop did work extra hard for this one so I gave it a break and actually turned it off for once. I normally leave it on sleep mode so I can quickly get back to work. Good job Brobot! Because it slowed down a bit I might need to upgrade soon. Alrighty, now back to work! Have a great day everyone =)

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Lich King


The Lich king has it good; how I would love to sit on my icy throne and command the undead and a bad-ass dragon to do my bidding. His life is set! No need to eat and he has an abundance of ice to keep his drinks cold. Niiiiice! 

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Eternal bond

This was a commission that worked on for a friend. He wanted me to paint a portrait of him as a centaur…don’t ask why, he’s just crazy like that. I had the idea to add the girl just for fun. This is a modified version of the one I finished for him. He felt a bit embarrassed to have his face pasted all over the internet so I changed the face. He loved it and I’m happy with the results so I thought I’d post it here for everyone to see. I’ll post the process soon so stay tuned.



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Lyssa wip and final

fdgdf!! That’s right people another wip! This was done for the Artorder challenge.

What’s with the inverted image you ask? I do this from time to time to catch anatomical mistakes. and yes, you should do it too…. and I also do it to play mind tricks on you people.

yes…I know. another one.

ahhh… finally I put her in a setting.  Nothing says winter is here more than a cool breeze that feels as if small blades are cutting into your skin.

And this is the final image! Thanks for stopping by and If you like my work, feel free to leave a comment or money…preferably money.


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