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I Did this for fun one night and somehow it turned into a small project. Link from Twilight princess! I decided to go with TP because I really liked the more realistic approach Nintendo took on this game.
I wanted to create a simple and elegant Legend of Zelda painting. There aren’t many out there that I have seen, So I decided to take a stab at it and I hope I was able to carry out my goal.
Fan art is tricky because there are so many dedicated fans out there who like their games a certain way and scream blasphemy if they don’t like it. I really hope most of you enjoy my minimalist version =)

Because I really liked this, I also painted Ganon and Zelda. I’ll release those soon. Thanks for the comments.



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Dragonball Z Nappa

Hi Everyone, I’ve tried to post more often but I’ve been so busy I hardly have time for it. Anyway, this is something  I worked on last month for fun. I played around with a different look and time of day. I got  tired of painting night shots after the Gargoyles set… If you like my art, stop by my store and support my work. Thanks!

Dragon ball Z

.  Nappa- Dragon ball Z

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Hi people of the internet, this is part of a super-duper SECRET project I’m working on. If you look at it upside down during a full moon while eating cap n’ crunch then and only then, you might guess what it is..maybe….got it? no? then try again!  whats that you ask- is strider a lefty? I donno, maybe he’s ambidextrous. kicking butt ambidextrously, all day, everyday! oh yea.

Fear his ambidextrousness!  More to come so stay tuned!

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