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I wanted to show you guys what I’ve been up to these past few months. I worked on a commission last year for a zombie card game. I originally wanted to post the process of the painting but I just realized that I don’t have it…. bummer,I know. Instead, I’ll show you two versions; This first one is of what I turned in to the client.

He liked most of it but he wanted me to make a few changes. First, he wanted me to cover up the nudity and remove the bullet hole in the middle of her head. He also wanted me to enlarge her so she would be more visible on the card. Here is the finished image.

This was a lot of fun to work on; it’s the first zombie I’ve ever done and the process went smoothly. You know you did a good job when your own art gives you the creeps. *shivers* next time, I’ll have to remember not to paint  a creepy zombie in the middle of the night.

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Superhero deco!


This past weekend my girlfriend and I decided to decorate the lonely area above our couch. Most people hang up paintings of colorful fruits or black and white city scenes or a serene forest but that didn’t sound very appealing to either of us. We decided to do something different and more exciting and as we’re both comic book nerds, we decided to go with a comic book theme. We had the idea to enlarge our favorite comic book covers of batman, superman, x-men and spiderman and hang them up. We got pretty excited about the idea until we went to kinko’s and they destroyed out dreams with their break-your-wallet prices! We went back home and rethought our idea. We though about just hanging up two or three but we couldn’t choose which would make the cut. We thought about printing it ourselves but we didn’t have an oversize printer to do it with, but then we had this brilliant idea of making a collage of covers for each superhero and printing it ourselves. Ikea has these cool inexpensive border-less glass picture frames that were perfect for the look we wanted. We printed four 8.5x 11 in. covers for each superhero and black and white borders of the comic pages to fill in the 20x 20 frames. Below is the end result:

It turned out better and less expensive than we had hoped. Turns out good things happen when we push past obstacles and let our creativity shine.

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