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New art 9-4-14!

I’ve been away too long from my blog. Here’s some new art!

Prints are available for purchase here: store

You can see more art here: Deviantart



ghost-in-the-shell Akira Batman Colosseum warrior Forest Spirit Last stand soul reapers Three-shot-Archer Red apple-Snow white. Serenity buffy star-wars Elisa Maza 2014 Lines-artgerm_color-Immarart Earth girl saving summer the liberation of melody colors Witch-craft-works-kagari Godzilla batgirl tj combo redesign




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New art!

Hey guys, here are some things I’ve been working on. They’re all Greek inspired. I have more art posted on my DA page here. Comments are welcome.


Gorgon's eyeSirens feast centaur's strengththe minotaurs hourglass

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Shadowloo Showdown 2013

This is a piece I did for the Biggest fighting game tourney in the southern hemisphere- Shadowloo Showdown 3013! I was approached by the awesome Bosslogic  to do a piece for the tourney. An art book is also coming soon! Here are some links with more information:…

Shadowloo showdown 2013


Also I have more recent art posted on my deviant art.



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World of Warcraft Tribute book

Hello everyone, It’s been a while! I’ve been busy with work so I haven’t had a chance to post anything in a while. I’m excited to show you guys a painting that I worked on last year for The World of Warcraft tribute book. I hope you guys enjoy it! Here is a link to the book if you weren’t able to pick one up at Comic-con.

More awesome secret news coming next month! See you then!


copyright of Blizzard Entertainment 2013

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Good show!  It’s been too long everyone. I did this in-between work for fun. Pops from regular show! I sculpted his head in 3d using Sculptris and the rest was done in photoshop as always. I hope you guys enjoy it. If  you like it, please make a purchase from my store . Thank you!


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Ganon and Zelda

I’ve had these up on my deviantart for a while and I forgot to post this here. You can buy prints and other goodies at my store and a big THANK YOU to everybody who has already made a purchase ! I really appreciate it!




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I Did this for fun one night and somehow it turned into a small project. Link from Twilight princess! I decided to go with TP because I really liked the more realistic approach Nintendo took on this game.
I wanted to create a simple and elegant Legend of Zelda painting. There aren’t many out there that I have seen, So I decided to take a stab at it and I hope I was able to carry out my goal.
Fan art is tricky because there are so many dedicated fans out there who like their games a certain way and scream blasphemy if they don’t like it. I really hope most of you enjoy my minimalist version =)

Because I really liked this, I also painted Ganon and Zelda. I’ll release those soon. Thanks for the comments.



You can purchase prints and other goodies at my store.

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