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New art 9-4-14!

I’ve been away too long from my blog. Here’s some new art!

Prints are available for purchase here: store

You can see more art here: Deviantart



ghost-in-the-shell Akira Batman Colosseum warrior Forest Spirit Last stand soul reapers Three-shot-Archer Red apple-Snow white. Serenity buffy star-wars Elisa Maza 2014 Lines-artgerm_color-Immarart Earth girl saving summer the liberation of melody colors Witch-craft-works-kagari Godzilla batgirl tj combo redesign



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Shadowloo Showdown 2013

This is a piece I did for the Biggest fighting game tourney in the southern hemisphere- Shadowloo Showdown 3013! I was approached by the awesome Bosslogic  to do a piece for the tourney. An art book is also coming soon! Here are some links with more information:…

Shadowloo showdown 2013


Also I have more recent art posted on my deviant art.



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World of Warcraft Tribute book

Hello everyone, It’s been a while! I’ve been busy with work so I haven’t had a chance to post anything in a while. I’m excited to show you guys a painting that I worked on last year for The World of Warcraft tribute book. I hope you guys enjoy it! Here is a link to the book if you weren’t able to pick one up at Comic-con.

More awesome secret news coming next month! See you then!


copyright of Blizzard Entertainment 2013

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Good show!  It’s been too long everyone. I did this in-between work for fun. Pops from regular show! I sculpted his head in 3d using Sculptris and the rest was done in photoshop as always. I hope you guys enjoy it. If  you like it, please make a purchase from my store . Thank you!


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Ganon and Zelda

I’ve had these up on my deviantart for a while and I forgot to post this here. You can buy prints and other goodies at my store and a big THANK YOU to everybody who has already made a purchase ! I really appreciate it!




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I Did this for fun one night and somehow it turned into a small project. Link from Twilight princess! I decided to go with TP because I really liked the more realistic approach Nintendo took on this game.
I wanted to create a simple and elegant Legend of Zelda painting. There aren’t many out there that I have seen, So I decided to take a stab at it and I hope I was able to carry out my goal.
Fan art is tricky because there are so many dedicated fans out there who like their games a certain way and scream blasphemy if they don’t like it. I really hope most of you enjoy my minimalist version =)

Because I really liked this, I also painted Ganon and Zelda. I’ll release those soon. Thanks for the comments.



You can purchase prints and other goodies at my store.

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Shredder Tutorial

Hey Everyone, I want to share my painting process for The Shredder. I hope some of you will find this useful. I’ve learned throughout the years, that to get better, you first need to learn from as many artists as possible. Never stop learning and always keep challenging yourself. If there comes a point when you start to get too comfortable with your own art, it’s time to shake things up and learn something new. For every character set I do, I give myself a goal; for my 80’s cartoon villains set, my goal was to tighten up my sloppy art and get better at lighting up my characters. I do believe I accomplished my goal of tightening up my art but I know I can still work on my lighting. For my next goal, I will learn to speed up my art by using larger brushstrokes and hinting at detail, instead of putting in all of the actual detail. OK, here we go!

NOTE: Before you start, you should have an idea of what you will paint; concept, theme, and story if applicable. Always have your reference photos, toy models, clay sculptures ready. You’ll waste time by just jumping in.


Step 1: I always start with a black and white sketch. This is the final sketch before I start painting. I use mostly dark grays.  Then I slowly build dark and light values with soft brush.


Step 2: This is as far as I go before I add color and the rest of the details. I use photo reference to get the lighting how I want it. I use a combination of toy models and a photo of a Japanese actor.


Step 3: I add color by using color balance adjustment layer. I play with the mid-tones, shadows and highlights until I get a color scheme that I like. I chose a complimentary color scheme.


Step 4: Details! Here’s the fun part. I use the lasso tool to make those sharp edges on his mask, helmet and eyes. On a separate layer and start laying down scratches on the mask and helmet. I also add wrinkles and pores to shredders skin. I normally use an overlay or soft light layer for that. For the scratches I use a custom brush that is actually meant to be used for animal hair. To get a textured look on the highlight spots, use a textured brush on the dodge tool. For the pores on his skin, I used a photo of Nathan’s face from the Uncharted series and pasted it on top of shredder using a soft light layer and dropping the opacity. I don’t always do this but I wasn’t getting the results I wanted from my brushes. Be creative in the way you meet your results. You won’t always achieve your goal with brushwork. Whatever it takes to get your art the way you want it.


Step 5: More details and glows. I add more scratches and add some floating fire embers along with sweat and cloth textures. I use custom brushes for most of this. I add a color dodge layer and I use a soft round brush to add the blue and orange lights on his face and helmet as well as soft glows on the embers. (Don’t forger about reflections on metal) Now I’m almost done. Now its time to make value adjustments and color adjustments by using the selective color adjustment layer and hue/saturation layer. Then the finishing touches.

Final tip: How to get that cool armor scratch effect? : Lay down some scratches or bumps then select a Bevel & Emboss fx layer style, play with the depth, size and opacity and change the global light to the direction the light is coming from. Don’t overdo it here and be subtle about your approach or the viewer’s eye will be all over the place.


I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to leave me comments. Have a great day everyone!

Don’t forget to buy prints and other goodies from my store.

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Fourth of my 80’s cartoon villains set: Skeletor from Masters of the Universe! I got one left to show. He’s the commander of a team of evildoers. can you guess who?

I’ve already been working on my next set. It’s gonna be a short 3 piece Zelda set and after that who knows. I have so many ideas, not really sure where to start. I think I might do a poll.

You to can join the darks side by purchasing prints/laptop/iphone/ipad cases, here



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Third of my 80’s cartoon villains set: Megatron from Transformers! I prefer the pre-bayformers designs. This was the hardest one for me to paint because of his deceptively simple design. It was a challenge trying to make such a simple design look cool. I hope I succeeded. What do you guys think?

Next up is a blue man who hates muscular men with funny hair. Can you guess who?

As always, to purchase prints/laptop/iphone/ipad cases, you can go here 



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Mumm -RA

Second of my 80’s cartoon villains set: Mumm-ra from ThunderCats! I was thinking about painting his buff version but I really wanted to challenge myself with the subtleties of his old frail version. The wrinkles and his cloth were a blast to paint.
As always, If you are  interested in prints/laptop/iphone/ipad cases, you can make a purchase here: link



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