How to become a better artist for FREE!


There are a lot of artists out there who need help with becoming better artists but they have no idea where to begin. I’ve gathered some of the best free resources out there for becoming a better artist. This also applies to the people who want to know how to make a living as an artist.

ProkoTV – (Youtube) How to draw everything- from basics to advanced. Refine your skills.
Theartorder – Advice from one of the best art directors in the Illustration industry.
muddycolors – Advice from professionals and art directors in the industry: Art process, finance, promotion.
illustrationage -Advice on how to make a living as an Illustrator.
IceflowStudios– (Youtube) Everything you never knew you could do in Photoshop. Technical know how.

Below are invaluable resources if you have some cash to spare:

Artpact -How to price your work/downloadable contracts/reviews of companies by working artists. Low fee. $
Thegnomonworkshop – The BEST training videos from entertainment professionals. Technical know how. (Film, Video game and Illustration Industry) high fee $$.
There is a way to get videos for free. You will need to enter their monthly art competitions and place in the top 4. I got a lot of videos this way in the past.
Programs: 3ds Max/After Effects/BodyPaint/Boujou/ImageModeler/Lightwave/MatchMover/Maya/Mari/Modo/Mudbox/Nuke/Painter/Photoshop/Real Flow/Shake/Stitcher/Unreal Engine 3/XSI/ZBrush

The list above applies to most artists out there. There are also other aspects to becoming a professional artist, such as: Developing mental stamina, physical health, balancing life and work, etc. All of these things are extremely important and you will need to learn them. If you guys have questions or want to give links to other websites, post them in the comments below.

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