25 years of zelda awesomeness!!

The first Zelda game I ever played was A link to the past but I was too young and naive to appreciate that game when it came out. I played half way before giving up on it. Once I was older I picked up Ocarina of time and I remember having one of the greatest gaming experiences I’ve ever had. I loved that game and played it everyday during my winter break of my senior year. I skipped windwaker because I was really busy when it came out and it wasn’t until recently that I picked it up and started playing (and still playing). Previous to that was twilight princess and I loved that game! It’s definitely my second favorite after Ocarina of time. I really enjoyed swinging the wiimote around and smacking people who got in my way =). This is my thank you gift for link, a young boy who continues to save the land of Hyrule time and time again. thanks for 25 years of awesomeness! (let’s pretend the CD-i games never existed)

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