aladdin re-imagined steps

I created this painting for the Cghub competition found here. I imagined what  an Aladdin video game would look like if it was made for an older audience. I looked at a lot of uncharted and prince of persia games for inspiration. I created these four concepts and chose the one that stood out to me the most. I kept Aladdin’s red and blue color scheme. I tried to keep his white pants but I figured that they wouldn’t stay clean at all and not many people would wear white pants for sneaking around.

I dragged the chosen image into a new canvas. I found a pic of the castle and thew it in the background for a quick composition. I added some detail to the original design and then moved on to Aladdin.

I used a few photo refs I found on google for the anatomy and the wrinkles on the clothes. I took a photo of myself in my sweatpants to get the folds in the pants looking realistic. I use a lot of photo ref to make the character look believable. I recently started to use a lot of ref for my paintings because my anatomy skills weren’t up to par and my characters looked a bit lifeless.

I keep his accessories on separate layers, for when I need to go back to fix some anatomy mistakes or add some other detail without damaging his necklace or arm braces.

tips: I always use the filter>liquify option to fix some minor details on the face without damaging or repainting. it’s a magic tool that I always use. its awesome!!!

Here are some close ups of the final painting

here is the final image

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