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Hey all, I want to talk about some great resource websites and blogs that I visit almost everyday. They are some of my sources for creativity, inspiration, knowledge and motivation and I want to share these invaluable sites with you. In one of my earlier blogs, I briefly talked about  THEARTORDER and Zero2Illo. Jon schindehette’s Artorder has great insights about what art directors are looking for in artists and he also holds frequent competitions that could land you a potential job! Zero 2 Illo helps to cut through all the crap to find the true artist inside you and teaches how to easily market yourself. Marketing is something that we all dread as artists, but there is no need to fret, they do a fantastic job at making it into a really simple, step-by-step process. Next up, Escape from Illustration Island. This a great resource website including tutorials, podcasts with some great artists, resources on creativity and inspiration an other awesome info. I recently discovered a great podcast website called Sidebar nation. They have interviewed so many amazing artists, it’s hard to keep count! I listen to it on my ride home everyday. I just listened to the Andrew (andoid) Jones podcast and it was amazing! If you never heard of him, check out his site now!! Please do yourself a favor and visit these fantastic sites and absorb what they are teaching and use is to improve your work and lifestyle. thanks for your time.

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