Be epic…

What do I mean by ‘be epic’? Just how it sounds. I learned that to become a better artist I need to think bigger. A lot bigger. This is a new mantra for me and I think that this is the type of mindset that we as artists need to adopt. I’ve grown very complacent over that past few years and that’s exactly why I am where I am now (A broke artist with no job). These past few months have been the best for me in terms of the mindset I’ve developed. I’ve learned more in the passing months than I have in the past few years. I have one artist to thank for that, steve argyle. I sent this good chap an email a few months back and to my gleeful surprise, he replied! he gave me an honest critique of my art and suggested that I look at a certain blog for some helpful and needed advice. This blog has changed my life in a great way! The things I’ve learned are invaluable and I urge every artist reading this post to get their arse over there now! A few months ago I was reading through some of Jon’s posts when I came across an awesome website called Zero 2 illo and the god send 12 week challenge! This is by far the single best website for any aspiring artist! Not only does it inspire you,  it also teaches you how to market yourself and it forces you examine yourself as an artist. GO NOW!

In the next coming years I will be posting Wips, tips, tutorials, art related stories and whatever the goddam batman I want! and  I will also share my thoughts on paintings, video games, film and all other forms or art. If you feel you have something to share or if you have a question please send me an email. I hope to keep this a weekly blog (weekends excluded of course!) I will post my Works in progress and the finished art soon. I hope to get feedback from you guys and in turn I will offer the same, if you would permit me the honor. Ahhh, the winds of change are coming and I hope you will ride them with me to the land of epicness!

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